Newcastle Mistress Adore


My style of play can be anything from being a soft, sensual and teasing Mistress, to a strict and no nonsense, sadistic Mistress.

I enjoy getting inside your mind, watching your reactions, of fear or pleasure, from deep submissiveness to lust, acceptance, and yearning and all depending on My mood and whim.

I do not need to go through a list of activities and tools during a session, often I have been known to use very little, it all depends upon the sub before Me. My mind is the best tool I own, for this reason i do not enjoy playing with those who have a set idea on how they want a session to go. I love nothing better than picking up on a word, facial expression or feeling i get and having fun with them, i find both myself and the person i am playing with get so much more pleasure this way.

That said I also get a lot of enjoyment from good old fashioned punishment sessions, introducing new submissives to the pleasures that can be found in my world, seeing those i see often grow in confidence, as well as some sessions not often found in the North East.

Medical style, sounds, needles, hook and nails, electrics etc, I just love! I do not claim to be a full Medical Mistress, I just enjoy many aspects of it.
I will however only ever do something I am fully trained and comfortable doing.

I also enjoy cross-dressing sessions. I take pleasure in watching the transformation of My sub into the lady or (even better) slut that she so desires. Add My strap on to the mix and I am one very happy Mistress!

In short I am happy to cater for most types of Domination. For Me it is the person I am playing with that is important, if the connection is there the rest comes naturally. It is very important to Me, that My sessions feel fluid, seamless, just a natural flow and connection throughout, for this reason i do not hold strict by the hour sessions, i rather a session ends when it feels natural to do so, not forced to go on, to pad out time booked, or rushed to stop when a set time is close to being up, this does not work for me, so expect to ever be rushed out of the door.

One thing you can be sure of, no session with Myself will be predictable!
I want you to leave wondering what has just happened to you, to think about it for days, weeks, or months, to think about Me!

I follow the R.A.C.K school of thought = Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

I find this suits My style of play much better than SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual).
Often some of the activities we do would not be considered safe. By outlining possible risks and knowing how to avoid as many as possible, you are them able to make a fully informed choice on your chosen activity before you try it.

There are many who don’t understand our lifestyle, they would say that what could not possibly be safe or sane. I wonder how many of these same people understand themselves, with as much clarity as we often have? This i something i wonder about often.

Remember, you MUST be open and honest with Me to get the best from Me.


The short answer is that you do!
There will be many who view this site, some will stay and many who will move onto another.

But a few, a select few, will smile, maybe get that lovely flip sensation in their stomach, they will “get” where I am coming from.There will be aspects of My site will appeal to them, maybe the way I portray Myself and My sessions, the way I like to invest My time with those I session with. I understand not all will necessarily want Me to spend it on them, but the like the extra commitment i show. Some will like the fact that I will not just session with anyone and everyone who asks. This is not because I consider Myself “exclusive”, but because I want to enjoy My time, and I want them to enjoy their time with Me! In knowing I am special to you, means that you must be special to Me!
Remember, I am dominant, and I will enjoy dominating you; you are submissive and you will enjoy submitting to Me.