Review 15 : an ongoing journey

Hi Mistress

Here’s a short e-mail about yesterday’s session. OK I lied. I don’t do short. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, because it made me relive our session all over again and I’m still very euphoric. By the way, I don’t think I said thank you for this fantastic Christmas present. It was wonderful and I am very, very grateful.

Well I have had some time to reflect on yet another amazing experience that you have given me and all I can say is Wow! I can’t stop thinking about it and am feeling very relaxed and very happy. MA worked her magic again and I am one extremely lucky and extremely satisfied Sub.

As always I was excited and really looking forward to seeing you. Even more so because we were going for a drink and a chat afterwards. I do love your company and spending time with you …. I might have mentioned this once or twice before J and really appreciate this extra time with you.

When you opened the door you looked statuesque in those massive heels and that lovely dress. I looked this up to make sure I was using the right word and the dictionary said “like a statue, as in majestic dignity, grace, or beauty”. You looked fantastic!

Then when we went downstairs and chatted  it was lovely – so relaxed and natural,. You are so easy to talk to. Then when you decide, you switch into Mistress mode and the session starts proper. The look, the authority in your voice, it just gets me straight into the Sub mindset. At this point my nerves are tingling, waiting, anticipating what is to come but not knowing what it will be.

You said that you thought it would be nice for me to be dressed and enjoy that feeling because  you knew I had not had much opportunity recently. That was very nice of you and very much appreciated. You let me dress, pampered me and applied full make-up. I don’t think I tell you enough how good that makes me feel. For years this has been something that I have had to hide, keep secret. To be able to do this openly with you  has released a lifetime of frustration.  To be able to be myself with you is the dream that I thought would never happen. You don’t just accept me like this, you are supportive and encourage me to be myself. To be accepted is already more than I ever thought possible, but you help me so much. You have bought me clothes, you regularly do my make-up for me, and you help me to enjoy the whole experience without the guilt that I have always felt before. You have even taken me out shopping and made me try clothes on in a shop. To go from a totally repressed state to this total liberation is really mind-blowing. This has been the case now for nearly 18 months but I still can’t get used to it. I’m still a child in Wonderland. I can’t take in that all this happens now, and quite regularly. I have tried to explain how much this affects me – how much you have done for me, just in this area alone, before we even think about the public play/humiliation and cp stuff, but I don’t think I can manage to truly get over how immense this is for me and how grateful I am.

I was still luxuriating in being fully dressed by my beautiful Mistress when you pointed out that there were no toys laid out. “What is she going to do with me today?”  you whispered in my ear, followed by “I don’t like anything else! I don’t like anything else!”  in a whiney, frightened voice, mocking me but mirroring exactly what I was thinking. You smiled as you looked into my face to read my emotions. You knew you were getting the reactions you wanted. I was unsure, looking around everywhere trying to get some clue as to what my be going to happen. You revelled in this and carried on pointing out my predicament. “I don’t like anything else! I don’t like anything else!” you kept repeating as you made me wait to know my fate , the fear quelling up inside me more and more as you kept talking. You pointed out that you could do anything you wanted. “Now what shall I do with you?” – the smile, the looking through my eyes into my soul, feeding on the fear and adrenalin. You had me where you wanted me – scared, nervous, desperate to know what will happen. What will you do? Where will you take me and how far? You let it sink in for a while, amused at my senseless chatter, my nervous laughter, feeling my fear and loving it.

You produced 2 leather mittens and put them on me. You watched my reactions, knowing exactly what I would be feeling. Not so cocky now,was I? ha ha. You’re right inside my head. Hints, suggestions, ideas about what might happen. I think my eyes were widening by the second. Oh yes, you were really enjoying yourself here.

Then you get some rope and bring it over to me, my eyes were  riveted to it, as you knew they would be, as I pathetically try to work out what is going to happen. You used it to fasten my hands above my head as I am forced to stand facing the pillar.

Again you point out my predicament to me. Stood fully dressed in high heels securely  fastened to this pillar. “Oh, and it is right in front of the mirror so you can see what I am going to do to you, can’t you?”

My mind is in overdrive. What has Mistress planned. I am really scared. “I don’t like anything else! I don’t like anything else!”  she keeps repeating in that mocking whiney pathetic voice. What is she going to do?  What on earth is coming. Oh S**t! What have I got myself into here?

Will Mistress make me do something I really don’t like? No, she wouldn’t …… would she? She might!!  I am helpless – can’t do a thing about it!  Panic really set in. I tried not to show it but you knew, oh yes, you knew alright. That was the point. That was what you wanted. The greater the fear the bigger the buzz!  Fastened to the pillar with you completely inside my head I couldn’t think straight.  You wanted me experience the full effect of this buzz, to feel totally alive and completely exhilarated, and I most certainly did! You were brilliant! I experienced everything that you wanted me to and it was wonderful – so, so scary, but absolutely wonderful.

As if this wasn’t enough you threw me again! You lifted a cover to reveal a huge array of toys on one of the beds. My eyes were on stalks!  You had intended to give me the cp I was craving all along, you just wanted me to squirm and suffer a bit first. Oh you can be so cruel sometimes lol.

As always I look over the toys, assessing each one, gauging what they will feel like on my unprotected  bottom. There were a lot, including some that I dread.  You remind me of the phrase that I stupidly told you that I use sometimes to provoke a reaction – there are three things in life, football, ale and women (in that order). My how you made me regret saying that.

You picked up a thin wooden paddle? (I’m not sure how to describe it) and started to circle me menacingly, chiding me for my stupid statement and telling me how you will get me to change it. You started hitting me as you chided me, first through my dress, but then you rolled it up, lowered my knickers, and started to beat my bare bottom. It was very, very, stingy.

You informed me that receiving punishment on the bottom whilst standing up is more painful than when being bent over and swapped the paddle for a long thin whippy rattan cane. I very soon realised the truth of this. From the intensity of the strokes I could tell that this was going to be a hard session. You were pushing my limits again. As always I am very grateful for this, and so safe in the hands of a true professional, but that isn’t what is uppermost in your mind when you are securely fastened to a pillar and having to take it lol.

You kept circling me in between some intense caning in a very dominant and menacing way. You kept me fully aware of my situation, standing in my high heels, fastened to the pillar, at your mercy, or not as the case may be.

I followed you  with my eyes as you walked round the pillar and keeping me in a constant state of inner turmoil. Very quickly, it seemed, you told me there was blood …. and it wasn’t just a smattering on  a couple patches of skin like I have had before. You told me it was trickling down. You showed me how much blood there was on the cane, and then started smearing it on my upper arms right where I could see it. It was obvious that you were enjoying yourself and that added to my enjoyment. I watched you in the mirror. Intense concentration, looks of satisfaction when delivering hard strokes, monitoring the “damage”. You looked absorbed, and satisfied and that made me feel really good.

After you had been caning me quite hard for a while and the blood was trickling you examined my bottom. It was so funny when you said incredulously “you can take a lot more”. I asked what you meant and you showed me that part of my bottom, on the right side I think, was still soft – hadn’t hardened at all. We both laughed not understanding how it could be like that after what you had given me.

Watching you at work was a privilege and a pleasure. Even more so because I was the recipient of this caning. Yes it was very hard to take but my  very being was crying out for it. My soul kept wanting more. It felt primal. Wanting so much to receive this pain from you, struggling so much to take it, and yet, feeling gloriously alive.

I think you said you were using a senior rattan cane. It was very whippy. You delighted in bending the end round in a big arc then just letting it go to cut into my already raw, sore bottom. I couldn’t believe how painful that was. Then when you taking full swings it went up a level again. You kept taking me to the point where I didn’t feel I could take any more, stopping for a short time, then continuing maybe focusing on another area. By doing this you kept the intensity at a level that I could just about tolerate  throughout the session.

I stupidly asked you what cane you were using and what was a dragon cane like. Why on earth would I utter such an inanely ridiculous question when in a position like this. Or was I just saying I would like to try the dragon cane. I really don’t know. I was absorbed in the passion and intensity of the wonderful caning I was receiving. Anyway, you duly obliged. WHAT ON EARTH HAD I DONE? This racked the pain up a bit more, and I had asked for this! I could feel my eyes glazing over I was lost in the moment.

The caning went on for a bit longer and I was watching you in the mirror and thinking how lucky I was.

Then you released me. You walked up to me as I leaned against the pillar, breathing heavily,  reeling from the effects of the serious caning, emotionally as much as physically. Some respite. Fantastic, I need this. However, you admired your handiwork, said “ I must get a photo of this”, then with a big smile on your face, you got your phone, made me bend over the bench, and took a picture. You showed it to me and I can’t describe how I felt. Elated is probably a good description. I had gone through a lot and it was wonderful to see the outcome, the finished article. Except that it wasn’t finished. You told me there would be more. You bent me over a chair, right in front of the mirror (Thank you!) and fastened my mittened hands to the back of the chair. You then proceeded to cane me some more, and at the same intensity of strokes. I have always dreamed about being able to take cp like this but never dreamed I would be able to. You have made this possible. I now live out many of my dreams because of you. That is how much you do for me.

You continued to switch between the rattan and the dragon, examining my bottom carefully and making sure that every part was marked to your satisfaction. I’m not sure what sub-space feels like but I’m pretty sure I spent a lot of yesterday’s session there.

This was a truly amazing session for me. There was a real intensity. Yes we had loads of laughs and it was huge fun but  this was a serious caning, and made more painful by virtue of the fact that I was standing for most of it, not bent over.  You satisfied my basic raw needs yesterday and I really hope it was satisfying for you too.

You clearly thought about what to do with me. It was lovely that you dressed me and pampered me first knowing that side of my kink has been neglected recently. You know what is currently happening in my life. You knew I was a bit stressed and you cared enough to tailor the session to help me with that. I came out feeling totally destressed, very, very satisfied, and feeling on top of the world.

It was lovely then chilling with you having a drink and something to eat. It’s a shame that the food and drink weren’t up to scratch but I think you are just getting me back for that awful Christmas meal that I made you have to suffer J

I had a wonderful day. I won’t stop saying this because it’s true. You are a wonderful caring person. You know me now as well as anybody, and probably better than anyone else.  You have my total trust, respect and admiration. What you do for me, time and time again, is unbelievable.  You are a shining beacon in my life. When I became your Sub I finally, finally became my true self. You have liberated me and then given me so much pleasure and happiness. I am a better person for knowing you, and for having you as my mistress and my friend. I know I will never find anyone whom I can connect with like I do with you.

I wish the best for you always and will do all I can to give you back some of the pleasure and joy you give me.

Thank you for yesterday. Thank you for being my wonderful Mistress and friend.  Thank you for being the wonderful person you are.


Review 14 : Review by Tanya

I first visited a professional domme about 15 years ago. By then I had known for years that I was submissive, and that personal and sexual fulfilment could only be accomplished by some form of submission. My first session with a domme was only moderately successful. The lady was nice, much too nice, and while she did tie me up, she had no interest in the psychological side of the game which is so important.

Subsequent sessions with other ladies were better. I learned that I was more into being humiliated than anything else, and started to see only dommes whom I thought capable in that department. One of them in particular was very good, but she retired a long while ago.

I was looking for someone new when I started browsing Mistress Adore’s web pages. Since you’ve happened upon this review, you’re probably looking at them yourself. I found them intriguing right away, and the more I looked, the more convinced I became that I had to meet this Lady.

I wasn’t disappointed when it finally happened! There’s no faking the genuine interest Mistress takes in me, and I know from other reviews that the same applies to her other slaves. She simply loves the job! It sets her apart from most other professional mistresses.

I greatly appreciate the care she puts into dominating me. Being humiliated by Mistress Adore takes me to another planet. She pointed out to me soon after we met that humiliation has to be personal to work, and she so inspired my trust that I simply told her what would hurt the most. The way she uses it during our sessions is breathtaking!

Being heavily into humiliation, I may not be the right person to review the physical aspects of Mistress’s domination, but I still want to say that what she does to me is outstanding handiwork. The details are private, but I can say that she uses and stretches me to the limit with the greatest expertise.

Mistress Adore is an outstanding practitioner of domination. She has made an endelible impression on me. I hope she will let me be her slave for a long time to come.

Review 13 :Review by Ayresub

Everything I had read was about to come true on this long awaited beautiful morning. After months of cold, miserable weather, the sun began to shine early, which gave me a warm feeling of happiness as today, for me, was at last going to be a very special day indeed, for today i was going to meet Mistress Adore. I had tried to prepare myself in mind and body after booking three months in advance but all of a sudden the last few days come and gone in a flash and there I was just a couple of hours away hearing Mistress Adore’s voice on the other end of the line providing me with my instructions on how to find her. I was pleasantly surprised by her lovely voice, much more gentle that I had expected.

I sat and waited out the hour beforehand obviously feeling nervous yet totally committed, the kind of feeling you get before a job interview I guess but different in knowing that something that I desired was actually going to happen. I had read many times that her warm welcome was very special and I wasn’t disappointed. When her door opened, I stepped inside to be greeted by the very beautiful, sexy lady that was Mistress Adore, who was wearing a black latex catsuit and black high-heeled shoes, her new hair style and gorgeous figure had my eyes fixed on her immediately as she guided me through a couple of rooms to the stairs that lead to her dungeon.

Chatting relentlessly, she made me feel at ease as we entered the room that you see in the gallery on her websites which in real life looks much cozier as the flash in photographs obviously illuminates and gives a slightly different impression. Sitting on her throne she told to sit next to her and we had a brief chat. She listened to my little story about my journey that lead me to her and I almost forgot the real reason for me being there for a couple of minutes as she is so nice to talk to. She instantly makes you feel safe, welcome and wanted with her warm bubbly personality.

Mistress then asked me what I would like to try and after a couple of seconds hesitation, I delivered my hopes so that she could start our session. My only worry which I told her of was that she may not like me and to this she replied “If I did not like you, you wouldn’t be here!” and spoke of how choosey and particular she is about her selection of gents, this put my mind at rest and made me feel quite proud that I’d passed this initial hurdle, I was now ready to totally submit to the most respected professional Domme in the North East of England.

Without going into any further details of our session, I can say I have thought of little else but this amazing lady since and you will do also once you have spent any amount of time with her. You will crave for more, be planning your next visit and ways in which you want to develop as a submissive under her complete control. You will love everything about her, especially her personality. She is very knowledgeable and rest assured, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Afterwards Mistress asked my how the session had gone for me and again made me feel really wanted and praised my physical contribution. She asked me to text her once I’d returned home to let her know I’d arrive back safely. For days afterwards I felt like it had all been a wonderful dream and had to keep checking my emails to convince myself I had actually seen been to see Mistress Adore.

I simply can’t speak highly enough of her and cannot wait until my next session. I know I’ve made an excellent choice.

Oh! did I mention?… if you are a worshipper of feet you will be glad to read this… If you can imagine the most beautiful, perfect feet you have ever seen in your life then you will have a real good idea of how her feet look. They are truly delicious!

I also love her Geordie accent!


Review 12: R, 9 months into his journey

I have been fortunate enough to have been accepted as one of Mistress Adore’s Subs and have been involved in her world for the last 9 months. This has been a wonderful time for me. I have had some amazing experiences and found some fantastic friends. I have had a number of sessions with Mistress Adore and been to a number of events.

Mistress is very selective when accepting new Subs and will only accept Subs that she feels she can connect with. Also she will choose those who want things that she is happy to do, thus ensuring that sessions will be fun and enjoyable for both parties. I am mainly interested in cp, cross-dressing, and public play /humiliation. In the sessions that I have had so far Mistress has already made many of my fantasies a reality. I can’t describe how much this meant to me; to have a beautiful Mistress whom I respect and trust completely, fulfill things that I had only dreamed about for many years and never thought would ever happen. It has had a deeply emotional effect on me. It has put me on a massive high but also was a release of pent up frustrations that that built up from repressing my real self for so many years.

From the very first session I felt that Mistress could read me completely. I was open and honest with her and and basically told her everything. She listened to my worries, anxieties, fears, desires and just seemed to know exactly what I needed. She reassured me and spent some time building up trust. In no time at all I was completely at ease and absolutely knew that this wonderful lady understood me and that I could trust her completely.

In subsequent sessions Mistress took me further on my journey and we explored a number of things whilst she ensured that she covered things that I really liked liked cp and cross-dressing.

This is a review of my 5th session with Mistress Adore and to be able to appreciate everything that happened I need to set the background. As I have said Mistress had already fulfilled my main fantasies relating to cp and cross-dressing. In previous sessions Mistress had made some veiled threats that she might take me outside some time whilst dressed and I had a feeling that she might actually do this during this session. This is the type of fantasy that gets me greatly excited but is the type which makes me feel “would I really want to do that?” Could I go outside dressed? Wouldn’t people see that it was a man in women’s clothing? Plus I knew people who lived near the dungeon. What would happen if I saw someone I knew?

I was very apprenhensive when I arrived for my session thinking that Mistress might carry out her threat. This high state of emotion was further enhanced by the fact that I had been out for a Curry with Mistress and five of her other Subs 2 nights before this session. The restaurant was quite close to where I live and Mistress had decided to have some fun and engaged in some public play with me. She had me kneeling down In front of her several times whilst she chastised me for misdeanours that I had said or done, and at one time had me sitting on the floor while she fed me! All in a public place where there was a real possibility that somebody might know me. I was very, very scared but at the same time feeling totally exhilarated. I was still buzzing from this when I arrived for my session. The second thing that made me think that Mistress might do some more public play during this this session was that I was going into hospital in a few days time so cp may not be part of this session because Mistress would realise that I would not want to still have marks on my bottom when I was admitted to hospital.

When I arrived Mistress smiled and gave me a hug. She looked stunning wearing a beautiful fetish dress. I immediately felt relieved thinking “we’ll at least Mistress wwon’t be taking me outside.” In the dungeon we had our pre-session chat which I always really enjoy. She had given me a task of making some cheese scones for her and asked to see them. She asked if I used butter in the cooking and I said yes. She then made me squirm by saying how she has made it known several times that she didn’t like butter. I was mortified. I felt I had let her down and I so wanted to please her with the scones. She kept this up for a while and eventually she smiled and said that butter in the cooking was fine. She had started to play with my head and this set the tone for the rest of the session.

She then told me to to get undressed and onto the bench. Normally she has a lot of implements laid out but this time there was nothing. I wondered what was going on. Then she started to use the crop on my bottom delivering quite hard strokes. Mistress has been building my pain levels up because she knows that I want to be able to take more pain so she has been giving me a warm up in previous sessions. I asked why I was not getting a warm up today. She gave “that” smile, a look that I have come to know well, and said ” Well my dear, I am going to put some very nice stripes across your bottom. Won’t it be fun explaining these to the Doctors and Nurses when you go into hospital.”


Had I heard correctly. I looked at Mistress disbelievingly and she just smiled and carried on. I had made 3 mistakes here. Firstly I thought I could predict what Mistress would do in a session. I should know by now Mistress constantly surprises us and is never predictable. Secondly I assumed that she would go along with what I wanted i.e. not mark me prior to going into hospital. How wrong I was. Mistress will always do what she wants which may or may not always coincide with our wishes. **

Mistress intended to get right inside my head and she had completely succeeded. I was all over the place. Would she really do this ? It certainly looked like it. I had no doubt that she was leaving marks. How could I go into hospital with spanking marks on my bottom ? Hopefully she would stop soon.

She stopped and came around to sit on the front of the bench very close to my face. I thought that I might get away with it and the marks may not stay for 4 days. But again Mistress thwarted me. She laid a cane on the bench right in front of my eyes and told me that she would be using that next.

As well as playing with my mind Mistress was racking up excitement levels. She had pulled the bench in front of the mirror so I could see her using the crop and the cane on my bottom. she knows I absolutely love this and it sends my emotions into overdrive. I love watching her face and body language as she spanks/canes/flogs me. I could see the crop whipping through the air before it cut into the flesh on my bottom. Also she lets me see the implements that she is using on me and swishes them through the air a few times so I can hear the wonderful sounds they make and anticipate what is to come.

So Mistress was sitting inches in front of my face, looking sensational, and started asking me how embarrassed I will be when she visits me in hospital and how she will make me wear a silky nightdress. Thinking about this on top of having crop and cane marks on my bottom, was taking me right to the edge in terms of emotions. I was experiencing all sorts of feelings – fear, excitement, uncertainty, and all to their maximum effect. It is at points like this during a session when I feel fully alive; when everything I feel is experienced to it’s maximum effect, and it is a truly wonderful state to be in.

Then Mistress started to cane me and gives me a commentary of how nice and clear the marks are. When she finished she made me go to the mirror and inspect the marks. There were at least 7 clearly defined stripes. how long would they last? Mistress just looked at me, read my anxiety and discomfort, and smiled.

Then she started using a light, flogger.One time I said something cheeky and she really laid into me with it. I thought She was using full force but it was only the light soft flogger so not too painful. I so want to take full force beatings from Mistress and with lots of her toys. I watched her body language which was saying I will make you suffer for that comment. The look on her face as she delivered very satisfying strokes was fantastic. I want to give her that satisfaction as much as I can. I want to see how much she enjoys making me suffer.

Then Mistress used the soft flogger in a gentle sensual way on my back and that was lovey, very relaxing. Then she used hot wax, which I have never had before, and again that was lovely and very relaxing. But all the time she was relaxing me she was also telling me how she was going to take me shopping to ASDA, to buy a nice nightdress to wear in hospital when she came to visit me. How embarrassing it would be for me to have to wear a short silky nightdress in hospital and to have all the staff know that I had a series of stripes across my bottom.


Going to ASDA? she DID mean to take me outside. this was my third mistake. I assumed that because Mistress was wearing an amazing latex fetish dress we would not be going outside.

What do I know?

Mistress Then told me that I would have to wear my lovely red corset under my jumper while going to ASDA and everybody would be able to see what I was wearing. Then she told me how she would make me go into the dressing rooms to try on nightdresses and I would have to come outside to show her what they looked like. She had given me this corset as a present at my previous session. It was beautiful and had a lot of panels which were very clearly defined, as was the front bit that goes over the breasts. The shape and outline were unmistakably that of a woman’s corset and my jumper was clearly not going to stop people from seeing what I was wearing.

My head was spinning. Mistress was telling me that some of my deepest, most intense fantasies were about to come true. Was this really going to happen? Would she really make me do all this? Part of me was in ecstasy thinking that these things might happen, and part of me was saying “No! You can’t really do this.” There was so much uncertainty. I was making stupid comments trying to get out of it, and yet, so much of me desperately wanted to do it. Would I be able to carry it through? But then, if she told me to do it there would be no argument. I would have to do it. How would I cope?I know people who live in this area. What if someone I knew saw me? Again she just laughed at this and told me to just say Hello and smile!

I wasn’t sure whether to believe Mistress or how far she would go. She was very insistent about what was going to happen. I was very nervous not knowing what to expect. How far would this go? She got changed, fastened me into my corset then took me outside. My eyes were darting all around me. Could anyone see me? Did they know what I was wearing? We got in the car and drove. I thought Mistress would drive me round for a bit and then go back to the dungeon, My heart was racing, mouth drive, head all over the place.Then I spotted ASDA and realised she meant it. It was like an electric shock running through my body. Well maybe Mistress would make me walk around a bit, maybe even look at women”s clothes and that would be enough. As we walked into the store she was pointing out how people could see what I was wearing and who was looking at me. I so very scared and yet what an amazing buzz – adrenalin overload. Straight to women’s clothes section , Mistress picked a couple of nightdresses and told me to follow her.She took me into the changing rooms. Unbelievable! Was this really happening? I think I must have been in shock.

Mistress then made me try them on and said she wanted me to come outside and show her when I had them on. HEAVEN. When trying one on an Assistant came in asked if Mistress was ok and she just said she was waiting for someone. I remember giggling nervously. That was too close for comfort! I opened door to show Mistress and she looked, smiled, told me how nice I looked ,and that she would buy it. I can’t describe how good I was feeling at this time. My emotions seemed to be at an all time high. I got dressed and was taken to counter where Mistress paid for the nightdress. I remember the girl said how pretty it was and Mistress just smiled at me. Then Mistress came over to me and put her hand inside my jumper going down from my neck. She was pulling the cords that she had tucked down inside my corset onto the outside to make my female clothing even more obvious. I Got loads more looks walking back to the car and again she made sure that I knew exactly who had looked and who knew that I was a man, outside a Supermarket, wearing a woman’s corset. One lad driving a white van nearly drove off the road cos he was staring at me and not looking at the road.

I was very quiet in the car going back to the dungeon. Not sure what I said but I bet was talking utter rubbish. My head and emotions were all over the place. Back at the Dungeon we ate some of the cheese scones that I had made for my task. I was trying to take in everything that Mistress had done for me in this session. I am writing this 2 weeks after these events and am still trying to process it all and understand how I feel. What an unbelievable buzz and emotional high. The intense fear, excitement, uncertainty and sheer pleasure and joy of being totally controlled by Mistress. The lovely touches like telling me in advance what was going to happen so I could worry about it and also feel the intense excitement. Pointing out who was looking at me. These just added more and more to what was an unbelievable scenario for me . Another deep fantasy acted out and fulfilled.

It was another amazing session and I am very grateful for everything. Mistress knows all my kinks and always devise a session which takes me a bit further every time but covers loads of the things that I really like. She keeps taking me to the edge emotionally …. and then just a bit further. Mistress get me to levels of excitement that I have very rarely had before.

**In this session she played with my mind as much as my body. She was very careful to ensure that the marks on my bottom would be gone in a few days and would not be visible by the time I went to Hospital. She told me so at the end of the session but I didn’t know this during the session and that uncertainty just added to the adrenalin rush that I had.

This was another amazing session with Mistress Adore. She has made every one of my sessions very special and I often think think back over them and relive than again and again. Sessions with Mistress adore are always fantastic; often not what you expect, but always go beyond expectations.

Review 11 by A

It took me quite a few years to realise I was a submissive male who needed a strict dominant female to
fulfill the fetishes that were part of me.
Before the Internet contact magazines with a single photo were the only way to judge a potential mistress.
Since the Internet however many mistresses have their own web sites which make choosing a mistress a
whole lot easier. The time and trouble took to create a good web site gives an indication of the seriousness
of a mistress towards her profession.
This is the 1st part where Mistress Adore stands out from the rest
Her application form which all potential submissive’s must fill in before they might be granted a session with her
means you really have to sit down & think about your fetishes, what they mean to you, what you mean to a
mistress & what a mistress means to you. I took nearly an hour to put down my true thoughts & sent the form off
Luckily I got the chance to session with Mistress Adore so then I decided to join her forum & gain a further insight
into the way she operates with her other submissive’s.
I saw nothing but very positive comments from them & made me realise just what a special lady she is
I joined in these forums adding my comments when I felt I could contribute something positive to the discussion.
This got me more & more excited until the big day arrived , my 1st session with Mistress Adore.
I arrived & was greeted at the door by a beautiful blonde who gave me the biggest hug ,as if she had known me for years.
This put me right at ease straight away She led me down into the dungeon, leading the way letting me take in the site of
her gorgeous figure which by the way the photo’s on her web site don’t do her justice by a long way.
She sat me down & we disscussed my fetishes , which I had expanded on in a follow up email to give her more idea of
what I was into. Thinking back every word I said she was immediately thinking about how she could use it in the session.
As each session is a matter of personal taste I will just say she had me doings things no other mistresses would think of
doing while still staying within the boundaries of my fantasies.
My fantasies explore the physiological side of domination so all she needed were her calm but firm voice & the penetrating
power of her eyes to reduce me to a whimpering insignificant wreck.
She doesn’t clock watch so you get your booked time plus time for before & after discussions on how the session went for you.
Like other reviews I don’t have a bad word to say about Mistress Adore when being under her control.
As each of us have wildly different fantasies how she can give all of us what we desire is beyond us mere submissive’s.
She fits into your subconscious like hand in glove & with a piece of her buried inside your mind it encourages you to think about
future sessions & how good they could be & how you could develop under her guidance.
I was still in a daze when the session was over & she said goodbye with another friendly hug.
For over a week I was still on cloud 9 still not believing how perfect the session was for me satisfying all my initial fantasies &
encouraging me to think about what could happen in the future.
I think I have really found a true dominant mistress who can help me explore everything inside my mind & learn & grow.
Already I feel more positive in my vanilla life which no other mistress has ever made me feel this way.
I must have had more thoughts about my fantasies & what they mean to me in the last week than the previous 15 years of my
life as a submissive
From reviews of other submissive’s who have been lucky enough to see Mistress Adore they feel exactly the same way as me
It must be something called The MA Effect.
Last word on this review for anyone thinking about seeing Mistress Adore do the following
read the reviews
join the forum
fill in the application form
& if you are lucky enough to be granted a session with her it will one of the best days of your life

Review 10 By R

I have always known that I craved more involvement in the fetish/bdsm community but for many years did nothing about it. I was married for many years and my ex-wife knew about my sexual preferences, and occasionally went along with them, but always under sufferance and making me feel bad for wanting the things that I wanted.

I got divorced over 10 years ago, not specifically due to this problem but it was a contributory factor, and started to get a bit more involved. I started talking to people on websites, went to a few munches (although always to ones that were quite a distance from where I lived because I didn’t want to run the risk of meeting someone that I knew), and even attended a Femdom night at Nemesis in West Yorkshire.

Then I got into a vanilla relationship for 4 years where I tried to suppress my fetish side, and the another one for 6a years, again trying to suppress my natural tendencies.

I am giving all this background to emphasise the point that it took me a long, long time to finally accept my true self and start getting involved in the local fetish/ bdsm community. So when people are dithering and wondering should I get involved, or should I see a Mistress, I know what is going through their minds – all the fears and anxieties – because until very recently that was me!

Only 3 weeks ago I finally made the decision that I had wasted far too much time and should do something about trying to satisfy my needs. I had looked at websites for some local Mistresses and I can honestly say that Mistress Adore stood out from all the others. Not only is she beautiful and intelligent, but what she said on her website really struck a chord with me. She clearly loves what she does, and had a genuine empathy with her subs. It was important to her to only pick subs that would be suitable and nurture them and develop them in their individual journeys.

I also thought that the way she conducted herself was very professional and she just came across as somebody with integrity who you could trust implicitly.

I filled in her form and sent it to her. As she suggested on her website I was totally honest in everything I wrote, and set out my perceived needs, my experience, my hopes and aspirations and my fears.

She responded very quickly. Thanked me for my honesty in completing the form and agreed to see me for a session the following week. I was elated!!! I had found this stunning Mistress who seemed to understand everything about me, wanted to help me in my journey, and was prepared to have a session with me! Does it get any better than this?

Also she told me about Notorious which was happening in a few days time. She suggested that I try to attend and get to know some of her other Subs. I did this and It was a great night. The Subs were all very friendly and in no time I felt that I was really part of something.

Over the next few days I thought a lot about my first session. Have I done the right thing? I was mega excited but there were still those nagging worries at the back of my mind. What if things don’t go the way I want and there is nothing I can do about it. What if family or friends find out that I have been to see a Mistress.

I have always had a lot of responsibility in my life and am nearly always the one who has to make any big decisions. Suddenly here I am handing over control to someone I don’t even know. And worse than that, I could end up totally restrained and have the **** beaten out of me. Am I really a sub or playing at it because sometimes I like to be spanked, or told off? However, I really wanted to try this, and Mistress Adore did seem to be someone who I could trust, so I wasn’t going to wimp out of it.

I made sure I got there on time.When I went inside MA was waiting in a leather suit and thigh length boots – absolutely stunning. I looked at her and my first thought was “this woman can do anything she wants to me and I don’t care!”

She was very welcoming and immediately started putting me at ease. In the dungeon she sat on her throne and I sat in front of her. She asked me how I felt and I said that part of me was really excited, part of me was nervous and anxious, and part of me was thinking “what the hell am I doing here?”

She smiled that knowing smile and I felt straight away that she could see inside my soul. She seemed to instinctively know what I wanted and needed.

She asked what my anxieties were and then started reassuring me and said that we would need to build up trust. She was really telling me not to worry because she would look after me and I totally believed her.

We then started play. I will not go into detail about what happened in our session because I think that that should be kept private between Mistress and her sub. Suffice to say that the first things that she started doing were intended to build up some trust. She put me into situations where I had to totally trust her and I had no compunction in doing so. I had only known MA for a few minutes but already I knew, I absolutely knew, that she was someone who I could trust completely.

This caused me to physically relax and then she started developing the session and taking me a bit further in different areas. Before I knew it I was in Heaven. MA was allowing me to live out fantasies that for many years I had only dreamed about.

The session was everything that I had hoped for, and much more. One thing that really impressed me was that she made it fun, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She also took pleasure in seeing me enjoy myself.

I’m not saying that everything was nice and gentle. MA got me to explore things that initially I would have said I don’t want to try. She also tested some of my pain barriers, and I am sure that in other sessions these will be further expanded.

MA assesses all her subs and gives them what they need/ can take at that time. She treated me the way I needed to be treated in that session. For others she will go to different levels, as and when they need it. If anyone is trying to decide whether to ask MA for a session I would say go for it. As I left the session that day I told her that it had been fantastic and I wished I had done it years ago.

My first session with MA was a very positive experience that I will always remember. I cannot doubt now that I am a Sub, and I am extremely proud and privileged to be one of MA’s Subs. I know that over time she will develop me and hope that I will always be able to please her in any way that she wants me to.

Review 9. M

Dear Mistress Adore

So sorry for not being in touch sooner but I wanted to take time to reflect on our first meeting and not write in a post-session euphoric state immediately after the buzz of meeting you.

Now, a week on, I can reflect on being so very fortunate in being welcomed by someone as utterly charming as you. Mistress you are more beautiful than I imagined, bubbly, vivacious and the most naturally friendly Domme I have ever met.

You say it was a pleasure meeting me – and I do hope so and that you were not just being polite – but the pleasure was all mine in finally seeing you.

From the moment you opened the door and greeted me with an infectious hug until the time I departed in similar fashion, it was an afternoon of pure delight for me. You put me at ease right from the start, I could tell I was in safe company and able to relax and enjoy the session.

But my what a transformation when the welcoming lady who greeted me at the door became to the one stepped into the dungeon in her designated role.

There was no mistaking the difference and I was now confronted by a confident, fetching mistress whose skills and approach was delightful. The hugs and encouragement throughout make such a difference.

The session went brilliantly, from my point of view, and I genuinely respond better to the tactile, look-into-my-eyes approach of Mistress Adore rather than the dismissive, eyes-on-the-floor-at-all-times attitude of some mistresses from my past.

Where’s the joy in that ? As opposed to looking into the sparkling , dancing eyes of a beautiful blonde Mistress to die for ?

The best of it all is that you understand, that you ‘get it’ in every way. It is clearly something you enjoy, that is conveyed in your attitude and therefore the sub’ in your presence has no alternative but to respond in kind and enjoy himself.

I loved our chats almost as much as the session because it gave me an insight into your very special personality. Your ‘take me or leave me’ approach is admirable because it means you are very definitely your own person and not someone ‘chasing a quid’ or the next client all the time,

That way you can be selective and restrict yourself to meetings only those whose company you genuinely enjoy.

Mistress, I sincerely hope that I fall into that category because meeting you was like a breath of fresh air. Bubbly, bright and naturally friendly, I never wanted the session to end.

And it said everything about your caring nature when you gave me two chocolate bars for my journey home. I thought that was a special treat and thought of you as I devoured them en route home

I glimpsed the first photo taken at your latest session, posted on Fetlife, and it is just sensational, showing you in all your glory. Much more buxom than I imagined Mistress !

I cannot fathom why you hate having your photo taken because the camera does love you – but the fact you hate it is a further reason why I think you are so adorable.

You are stunning yet not full of yourself as so many in that position would be. Please don’t ever change because you are special beyond belief. And I do hope to be part your inner circle for a long time to come if you’ll have me.

Thank you for a wonderful time.

M x

Review 8. Peter

A Visit To Mistress Adoreʼs Dungeon

“What is this for?” I was asked! I saw the new green leather thongs of the small flogger MA shook under my nose and I said, “For flogging cocks.” This was because she had just started me off with some light cock flogging and was showing me another flogger, as well as the new green one. I was standing, where MA had told me to stand, looking at myself naked in front of a mirror fitted on the dungeon wall.

“Wrong!” she said, her tone intensifying, and I knew I had given her opportunity to increase her vehemence. And the light dawned. “Uh…yes..” I said as the realisation must have spread across my face. “Yes!” she said, “Iʼve just had this specially made! After all the time weʼve spent on the subject on Fetlife and you canʼt even recognise what itʼs for!” I knew then “…uh…Anal Caning…” I said, a little embarrassed. I should have known. After all, this was the subject which had started off my recent interest in MA and what, therefore was causative in my being there in her dungeon.

I got my nipple twisted hard again then. She had told me that nipple torture was one of her favourite things and that I should have done my homework and checked her website properly in order to know that. I knew then at least that part of the agenda for my afternoonʼs suffering was clear: It would include more nipple torture than I had yet come to experience in my slave journey thus far, six months or thereabouts into it. That was yesterday, and my nipples do still hurt at every movement of my chest, as they come into contact with my shirt. And with that pain reminder, also a sense of exhilaration as the adrenalin and endorphins have left a legacy in my system. And as I remember fondly seeing her enjoyment and delight at some moments of my agony, as well as the tender words she spoke at times into my ear. Also, the cruelty that stirred both fear and excitement in me. Although a lot of the time we were just laughing together, as the best expression of all the feelings my predicament was conjuring up. She gave my nipples quite a bit of pinching throughout the session, as well as some harder twists and pulls when she wanted to make a point.

Her dungeon really was situated below ground in a building which could have been a small hotel. Going down the steps into the dungeon was…well, like going down into a dungeon. Thatʼs something of a fantasy of mine…..being forced bound, blindfolded and naked down the steps into a torture dungeon, probably by cattle prod. Now that was another thing – There was a lot we lighted upon – Cattle prods. She said she had one. I said I knew my main Mistress MV wanted one, and she said she would put me in touch with the person who made hers. Never got to see it or feel it yesterday. There was lots we never got to – The time flew. But if nothing else that gives reason for another visit.

She made me stand with the soles of my feet on the rests at the end of her bench, and with my head on the bench surface. That way my bottom was sufficiently raised to give access for some anal caning. I spread the cheeks with my hands. She started out very lightly and it was really very pleasant.

She progressed to work on my anus, to open it up, at the same time making sure I was enjoying it. My anus was, as usual, very tight and would need a bit of coaxing. To distract me whilst she did so, she gave me a device she called a “cobra”. This was a vibrator for my cock. It was very pleasant, (even though I did keep managing to switch it off somehow.) She also worked on me with something that gave a swishing feeling, like being brushed with lots of nylon tassels, and she touched me with the other end of that stick in erogenous places and that made me feel electrified, with sensations running up and down my spine and everywhere. She managed to get first two and then three fingers into me. Then a sort of beaded dildo. And eventually she got a strapon in and fucked me. It had perhaps a bit less girth than MVs, but it was longer. Once she got it in there was no problem and I think (…I hope..!) she enjoyed fucking me. I certainly found it very meaningful, and started to really enjoy it. Especially when she asked, “How are you feeling?” and after a moment of introspection I said (cheekily), “..fucked.” That provoked her to thrust into me harder and I was quite ecstatic at that. I am so glad to start to be able to do this now.

Afterwards she gave me some lessons in taking the strapon down my throat. I had to sit between her legs as she sat on a chair, so that my head was well back and the strapon could go down into my throat. Because it was a bit narrower than MVs I think I could get it further back in my throat, to the point where I was properly gagging on it. She taught me to swallow every time I felt like gagging, because the two responses cannot happen simultaneously. So that is something which I must now practice.

Then I had to lie on a recliner so she could work on my nipples. But first she put some needles into my cock. She asked how many I had had before and I said less than ten. I had told her we are planning for MV to give me something like my first Crown of Thorns soon, so she said she would not do that. But she did give me a bit more of a warm up towards it by putting a line of needles down both sides of my cock. (We worked out that in the end, including the ten or twelve needles in my nipples, there were about thirty needles in me.) For some reason I was not at my most turgid that day, and was not providing a very long runway for the cock needles. So, partly as punishment for that, she decided to attack my nipples. She started on my right side, putting two needles through at right angles. Then she moved over to my left side. Having put some needles through that nipple she asked which was the most sensitive side. It was my left and I told her. She continued on that side then. In the end I had six or eight needles through that nipple arranged in a neat circle, looking like a medal on my chest. MA took a picture after six needles, joking that I must take it to show MV, who, when she sees it, will probably determine to show she can do it a bit better…… That was the first time I have had needles through my nipples. It really hurt!

I had some difficulty keeping my hands out of the way of the needles in my cock whilst MA was putting the needles into my nipples. I was not tied down. (I think possibly because we had recently had internet discussion about how another Mistress said she does not tie her masos because they then have to be better motivated and can take more. In any case, it was fine and probably saved time not having to be bound.) I did have to watch where I let my hands go, though. Earlier we also had a moment of stern amusement when, just after sterilising my cock for the needles, I went and de-sterilised it by absent mindedly taking hold of it with my fingers.

After completing the arrangement of needles through my sensitive left nipple, MA returned to my right. Now she used a staple gun. First she showed me what the staples felt like in my arm. Then she went on to arrange a pattern of staples complementing the two needles already in place, matching the star of needles on my left nipple. The staples hurt less than the needles, and looked pretty good too. All the while that was going on, my left nipple was throbbing like crazy.

After the pain of the nipple needles she decided to pleasure me with sounding. (She already knew from my writing I like sounding.) MA uses an autoclave to sterilise all equipment and has qualification and extensive experience as a piercing practitioner. She used Hegar sounds, which have an “S” shape, so she could twiddle them inside me and make me feel a rich variety of pain sensations. We got up to a 10mm sound. That I always find a challenge, but the kind which affects me in a way unlike other pain (I love it): I feel myself going into a kind of swoon state, and that started to happen also with MA. She could not get the 11mm sound in. We were running out of time to try for long.

Then we played with the field phone. I had made some electrodes: Some on straps to fit around the thighs, and some straps for cock/balls. Also, an anal hook with insulation tape round except at the ball. First I fitted the thigh electrode straps. Then I tried one of the cock electrode straps. We hooked it up to the field phone. But it did not work. There is something wrong with the cock strap electrodes; I still have to work it out.

So I put a jubilee clip round my cock instead and attached the wire from the box directly to that. That arrangement mimicked what MV and I had tried last week, except with the thigh straps instead of a jubilee clip around my big toe. The difference was remarkable: Much easier to take. Nevertheless it had MA giggling as she made me jump and squirm involuntarily with just a short crank on the handle of the phone.

My current hypothesis is that there are two possible factors in placing the electrodes which are critical:

1.) The distance across the body at which the electrodes are placed.
2.) The spread of electrodes across body surface.

With the earth electrode attached to my big toe the current had to travel all down my leg. That not only meant traversing my leg muscles, causing them all to convulse. It also meant that there would have been a relatively high resistance, possibly drawing more current to one particular point (my toe.) So it was quite nerve-jarring down that leg. By contrast, the thigh electrodes provided closer proximity between the electrodes of different pole. They also distributed the earth pole over a much wider body surface area. The effect was a lot less severe, though still very shocking and jarring.

MA started saying to me, “Now remember..keep very still…” just before she would crank the handle and make me cry out and hop up and down on the chair I was sitting on. She very clearly enjoyed that.

I have inserted a “dimmer switch” into the field phone circuit, so that it is possible to deliver lower current if desired by adjusting the switch. At its “max” setting, it is as if the box was not there at all. And we were able to take it to that level. But it was also good (and safer) to be able to test first with less current.

MA moved me onto the bench to insert the anal hook electrode. With that in place she was able to make me jump around in that position. I was suffering, and she taunted me by mimicking my cries of, “owaaH!” And she started to laugh with clear enjoyment, so I was glad. She said she could have gone on all evening.

We ran out of time. And there were so many things we had not been able to do. She never got to try out her hard canes on my anus (or anything else.) She could have played a lot longer with the field phone, having me hopping about like a bunny, Iʼm sure. But we were already well over time and she had a child who needed to be picked up and looked after. So we ended, happily, I think with some reticence for both, but reality will out. It is good we could not do everything: What we did was a lot of fun, and I hope we will continue again another time. She said she thought we could have a lot of fun together and I think so too.

Review 7. Slut 120’s second session.

My second session with Mistress Adore would be a 2 hour session in her wonderful company, butterflies filled my stomach as I approached Mistress’s chambers.
I was more excited then nervous if the truth be told. As I entered Mistress Adore’s chambers wonderful memories of my first session came flooding back to me.
A wonderfully warm greeting by Mistress awaited me on my arrival. Mistress was dressed an amazing leather cat suit and boot’s she looking absolutely stunning standing there as I took it all in she lead me down into her dungeon area after a brief chat / catch up I was ordered to strip and await Mistress’s return into her chambers.

When Mistress returned to her chambers she spoke to me promising to give me a whole host memories I would never forget ( and to be honest I never will !!!) She then proceeded to administer some exquisite nipple torture using her hands telling me I would be able to feel this for several days after and I can say I certainly did !!
I was then ordered to clean her boot’s and cat suit. When I thought I had finished Mistress asked if I had given my full concentration to my task , admitting I had being distracted by her amazing presence I was ordered to do this again ! when I had finished to Mistress’s satisfaction she proceed to produce a strap on and harness ordering me to put this on her when I had done this she then thrust it deep into my mouth after several thrust’s I quickly started to gag / wretch Mistress told me not to worry about any mess I made and to keep on taking her strap on orally until she was satisfied.
After this was complete I was placed in Mistress’s straight jacket and hood and chained to the wall left standing for a while Mistress began to administer a light flogging to heighten my mood / senses. I certainly found the sensory deprivation element very nice. The hood was removed after a while and a blind fold fitted while I was still in the jacket / chained to the post’s Mistress returned to where I was and asked if I knew what was being pressed against my genitals all I could sense was some thing cold / metallic and sharp!!!
I wrongly guessed it was a pin wheel Mistress informed me it was a knife!!!
This immediately aroused me and heightened my sense’s beyond belief feeling the knife and trying to imagine it at the same time gave me such an euphoric feeling which lasted hours after the session ended. Mistress continued to play with the knife while talking me saying she better not slip with it !!!! as it was in such a sensitive spot!!!.
Then as I was trying to comprehend such a mixture of emotions the knife was pressed under my chin and against my throat for a moment as feelings inside me reached fever pitch.
I heard something being positioned in front of me (which turned out to be a chair). The knife was removed from my throat for a split second then put back under as I was about to gasp Mistress thrust her strap on my mouth !!! unbeknown to me a chair had being positioned in front of me and Mistress proceeded to stand on it, eagerly sucking on Mistress strap on while a knife was held against my throat was beyond my wildest dreams.
When Mistress was finished I was flogged again (lightly as before) and released from my bondage.
After a few seconds to gather my thoughts I was instructed to lie face down on Mistress’s bench once restrained I was asked if I knew what was coming next and answered that I did as Mistress penetrated me with her strap on thrusting into me she told me that I was a cock hungry slut !!!! and if I remembered my name Slut 120 .
She asked me to say what I was as she was thrusting deeper and harder into me I found my self shouting out I was SLUT 120 and I WAS A COCK HUNGARY SLUT at the top of my voice!!!!
Mistress told me not to worry how loud I was as no one could hear me down there!!.
After a while Mistress removed her strap on and inserted her anal hook and attached my hands which were in mitt’s to it I was informed that the next time I was allowed to session with her the hook would be attached to rope and tied and suspended from a suitable vantage point.
The hook was removed and Mistress inserted her strap on again thrusting into me again she asked me if I remembered how my name SLUT 120 came about ? Quickly I answered as Mistress asked me to count out 120 thrust’s the first 60 were hard and fast then the last 60 were slower I counted each one out as I was instructed to do when complete I was released and allowed to compose myself!!!.
The remainder of the session past into an enjoyable and pleasurable blur which had my head buzzing for hours afterwards a lovely warm hug from Mistress Adore as I left her chambers was the icing on the cake and made me feel really appreciated.
To cap it all off it took me who years to take the step and visit a Mistress and in visiting Mistress Adore I was lucky to find some one who is at the top of her profession.
I cannot thank Mistress enough for two wonderful hours I hope to visit her again soon.
Slut 120

6. Wayne’s 3rd session

Today Mistress Adore unleashed hell !
I was the dead man walking !
I was the lamb to the slaughter !

*Wayne had been having some fun on Mistresses forum and brought some other forum members into his fun MA *

I got 50 strokes for every name i out on that list.
I first had to pick a name from the list and Mistress chose their favourite whipping implement.
I was to count every stroke and then thank the person whose name i had chosen.Then came the next person and the next whip and it went on until every person’s name had been done.
Mistress then added an extra 250 strokes just from herself !
Before any of this i was chained to the dungeon wall by my wrists and Mistress attached pegs to my nipples and scrotum and got a little target practice whipping them off.
Throughout the session Mistress used her nails on my chest back and side, it would have been impossible to count how many times Mistress Adore ripped her nails into my flesh but it must have been around 5 or 6 hundred times. Mistress took photos and they are on show in her fetlife profile and her forum site.
I had thought Mistress was going to do some sort of water torture to me, but it turned out she was only messing with my mind. I told her i thought she was going to make me take a cold shower and she then decided i was to do this every morning for a week and text Mistress to tell her when i have done this, me and my big mouth !

5.Kev session 2 review

Hello readers,

I thought i would continue my journey on the blog.
I recently had my second session with Mistress. I had been in a state of excitement and anticipation a good few days beforehand.
On arrival at the premises, i was not as nervous as my first visit, more excited at seeing Mistress greeting me at the door.
I was greeted with a big hug and a warm smile. Upon entering the dungeon Mistress sat on her throne and told me to sit on a chair next to her, she asked me how i had been since my first session and what i had enjoyed and perhaps not enjoyed.
My answer was simple, i had enjoyed everything and disliked nothing.
I like the caring side of Mistress, it prepares me for what is to follow.
The session was once again, brilliant, i tried a couple of new things, one of which i said i would never try, but Lo and behold it was good ! proof that Mistress does know best.
Another hug at the end of the session and Mistress asking how it had been for me, which again is a nice touch.
Seeing the smile on Mistresses face throughout really does put you in a happy head space. I left the premises receiving another hug and i said Thank you.
P.S. I now have an obsession for candles LOL. I am now looking forward to part three of my journey.

4. Review from Kevin

Hello to anyone who reads this.

I recently experienced my first session with Mistress Adore and feel i want to put down my thoughts in writing.
It is my first attempt at a review so please bear with me.
I arrived at the dungeon extremely nervous, but as i entered the building i need not have worried as when i first saw MA , i knew i wanted to be there.
On entering the dungeon ,Mistress sat on her throne and immediately put me at ease, her politeness and lovely manner were very welcoming.
A chat and a questionnaire followed and then Mistress left the dungeon after telling me to strip.
As i waited for her return i felt nervous standing there naked, but as soon as she returned and stood in front of me, one look into her eyes and i knew i was in safe hands…well as long as i obeyed and pleased her.
I don’t want to go into detail of my session, but when it ended i was in a special place, in a head space that i never knew existed and i cannot thank her enough for that.
I dressed and a further chat took place, discussing my thoughts of the session.
What i especially like about her is her calm, cool way she speaks to you in your ear, you just know that she is in your mind, and as i have mentioned earlier, one look into her eyes and you are transfixed and that she has you right where she wants you,under her spell.
I am hoping Mistress enjoyed the session too, she never appeared to be bored at all, which is a massive plus.
A hug on my leaving the building, my head in a complete whirl, i left eagerly keen for a further session….on acceptance from Mistress of course.
Well i hope i have not waffled too much,i never was much of a words smith lol

3.Review from 555

Saturday June 18, 2011 8:04 AM
Review from slave 555 (Mistress Adore)

Mistress Adore
Visit Saturday 11th June 2011

I have sessioned with Mistress for more than 18 months now and in that time i am genuinely pleased to say that i have grown not only as a sub exploring and finding his way within himself and within ‘the scene’, but also as the person who lives away from that side of his persona and in the ‘vanilla world’.

During last year i opened to Mistress to talk about and share a long held fantasy/desire of mine that had burned inside me for literally decades.
I am pleased to say that having over many many years visiting quite a number of varying Mistresses (as they indeed probably found me a varying sub!!), i finally found the connection with Mistress Adore that i had long since sought and craved. It didn’t all just ‘happen’ during my first session with her but i would like to believe that we both genuinely felt, saw, the spark that was there and from there things have wonderfully grown (not always necessarilly smoothly or without learning curves, but more akin to a thrilling and breathtaking rollercoaster ride!)

Due to ‘life’ and circumstances i had not sessioned with Mistress for several months and this session was to be in new chambers that Mistress is now using, which added to the anticipation and excitement of being before Her again. I was not dissapointed in the venue which was spacious, well equipped and truely mood setting for the session that lay ahead.

Although we had stayed in touch via email since my last session with Mistress, it began this time as ever, with a polite discussion and update of where things were regarding me and life in general so that Mistress could take into consideration things that may (or may not) be brought into play during this and potential future sessions.

Mistress, looking stunning as always, listened attentively, and when ready instructed me the session was now to start.
An array of dildo’s, vibrators and strap ons of various sizes had been laid out carefully and with obvious intent by Mistress and they were set out to obviously ‘catch my eye’ and take my attention as they so very excitingly did.
It had been sometime since i had enjoyed (and also suffered) internal invasion and so Mistress was kind on this occasion and re-introduced me to my ‘friends’ with care and patience for which i was grateful (but also told that it wouldn’t always be this way in future sessions!!)

However, something also happened at the onset of this part of my session that both initially ‘frightened’ me and then thrilled and pleased me. I have a very genuine fear of restraint and both the physical and mental fear of not being able to ‘get free’, Mistress has known of this inherent fear within me for quite sometime, and also my reticent desire/want to overcome it, and so for a brief moment in time on this session, and whilst i was in a mindset that was conducive to the moment, Mistress carefully and with guidence shackled me to the bench a lay upon, she talked me through the process and knew my fear, but, and i guess this is the all important ‘BUT’ in a sub/Domme ‘relationship’ i trusted her, i think this is one of the most defining moments in my time serving my Mistress (and there have been a few others along the way with her) but for ‘me’ this was ground breaking and it was because of the trust that has grown with her and that i now truely feel with her, and also because i Wanted to do this for her and to please her, that the moment occured, it was brief, as should have been the case, and i was still scared by the process, but god it felt liberating to have (for me!!) stepped over a taboo line in my journey through this side of my life.

My session then took an unexpected twist and turn following my time ‘on the bench’ and Mistress gently, but again with great assuredness, introduced me to ‘breath play’ with the use of cling film over my nose and mouth for periods of time that slowly but increasingly grew. Any initial doubts or fears i may have had briefly at the onset of this part of our session were swiftly swept away by an excitement and thrill of the experience, oh wow!!!!!!
The control and direction of that part of my session, the different dynamics that it introduced into play between myself and my Mistress, the look in her face as she saw first doubt, then ‘enjoyment’, and then an excited euphoria that my eyes were obviously conveying was again a moment in a session that i will for a long time remember and see as a unique stepping stone on my journey.

I have often seen my development in the ‘fetish scene’ as a journey, Mistress has recognised this and helped me enormously with it, through the first groundbreaking sessions we shared last year and within the session i shared with her on this day, it truely began the next stage of my ‘journey’.
To commemorate this i was given a new identity by Mistress for this and for All of my future sessions, for which i was informed (pleasingly so for me) that i will be ‘contracted’, i am now slave555 (and for any film buffs out there that may have seen the wonderful movie ‘Sort Circuit’ let me inform you that Number 5(55) Is Alive !!!
Am i the first or the 5th (or even the 555th) person to be given a numbered new identity by Mistress, well she and i know the answer to that, and i smile happily to myself and am grateful

My session ended wonderfully and uniquilly for me by being chosen to photograph Mistress in various outfits and ‘poses’ for pictures to be uploaded to her new website, to say that i felt privilaged and honoured would be an understatement. I drove home happy and beaming all the way


Many thanks 555 for your views on our last session x

2.Review from Mitch

Tuesday August 2, 2011 9:23 PM
Review from Mitch (Mistress Adore)
This review can also be found on the PDUK website

Mistress Adore

I had first come across Mistress Adore through her postings on PDUK. I remember at the time feeling a little frustrated that she did not have a website. When she eventually came “on-line”, I was impressed with her website; in fact I was touched by what she had to say in her Information section. I think this more than anything just struck a cord with me, and from that point on, the challenge was to be able to arrange a visit. We are all different in what we need; for me the physical approach is of minor importance, it is the mental submission and control that I crave, and I had an inkling that this just could be fulfilled with Mistress Adore. So, with friends to visit in Newcastle, and the chance to arrange a session with Mistress Adore, an opportunity/excuse at last.

Mistress Adores chambers are on the outskirts of Newcastle, very easy to find, and very convenient if you are travelling up the A1, as I was. The chambers are part of what I assume was an old pub/hotel; it`s huge inside, with the dungeon situated downstairs, roomy and with a nice mood to it. There is parking space directly outside, off the side of the road; there is also a Chinese takeaway and Fish & Chip shop should you feel peckish after the session . Knocking on the door I was shown inside by a Lady attendant, who I should add made me a lovely cup of coffee at the end of the session.

Mistress Adore was standing just inside. My first thought was “she is tall”, more so than I had imagined from her website pictures. We had a hug and went next door to chat. Obviously we had previously exchanged emails; she had asked lots of questions and I had replied with long answers, which apparently we both like to do! I had approached this meeting with such anticipation and positivity, that it was going to take something major to derail me; no chance! Her smile, the hug, the chat, her body language, all just swept me along. It was such a wonderful feeling to know that my gut instinct was right; everything was clicking into place, and we had not even started the session!

Well, no details regarding the session I`m afraid, except to say that it was wonderful. She had obviously studied my “needs” in depth, and the session that followed was a dream. I don`t think she was ever more than a foot away from me, and for some of that time I was fixed to her, yes, actually fixed. It was heaven; the close contact, the words spoken, the resulting mental control, and from me complete submission. And all of this with very few implements being used; to be honest she simply does not need them. There were also some real “firsts” for me during this time. While I was pretty much “under” for most of the session, I was also a little on edge, which undoubtedly allowed me to focus better. The origin of that feeling I`m not sure; maybe because this was a first session, maybe because this Mistress is clearly capable of much more. As Mistress Adore explains on her website, she is not a “soft Domme”; whereas during this session her approach was “gentle”, even “considerate” (which was absolutely fine by me!), there is a “fear factor” lurking just under the skin, just enough to keep that anticipation bubbling.

Come the end of the session, trying to control my emotional shaking, some chocolate, a shower, cup of coffee and a further chat and time to return to Earth. To say that I enjoyed the session would be a complete understatement, but what I think really came home to me was the fact that she had enjoyed it also, and visibly so, no holding back. Wonderful, as it should be!

Roll on the next opportunity, and to a very aptly named Lady, thank you Mistress Adore.


  1. Monday March 21, 2011 12:38 PM

Review from T man (Mistress Adore)

On the 7th March I had the pleasure of Mistress Adores company for the second time. After my initial session had left me with such a euphoric feeling it didn’t take much time to decide that Mistress Adore offered so many opportunities for what I would like to achieve. Due to unforeseen circumstances this second session took 5 months to come and the delay was excruciating. However, Mistress Adore was kind enough to see some potential in me, we exchanged a few emails during those 5 months which benefited the session as it eliminated any risk of revisiting any initial introductions, and with my emails being quite open, it armed Mistress Adore with the information to enhance the session. Little did I know to what I had let myself in for!

Greeted with a smile and a tone of voice so welcoming you could be forgiven for losing your bearings during the pre session chat, as I did!

Chat over, ordered to strip, I stand and await the re entrance of Mistress Adore, I hear footsteps approaching from behind me, my heartbeat begins to rise, in an instant a leather gloved hand covers my mouth simultaneously restricting my nose, my head tilts backwards and whispered into my ear are quotes from my emails. I furiously try to recall further details that I had written, but before remembering anything tangible Mistress Adore changes her direction and is now in front of me, quoting a faux pas from my confirmation phone call 2 hours earlier whilst exacting intense nipple pressure. I raise onto my toes in a vain attempt to relieve some pressure, the release arrives and I get chance to regain my breath, but not my thoughts. Face to face I’m transfixed in eye contact, I want to take in all of Mistress Adores beauty but I cannot, or dare not, and remain gazing into Mistress’s eyes – I see a glint in her eyes as if what is about to happen fills her with joy. Again I rise on my toes as my nipples are put under more pressure, this time coupled with questions – I stutter and stumble to get my words out – question after question go unanswered – I’m at a loss, beaten, resigned to the fact that my inability to provide answers will now set the agenda for the severity and style of the session.

I don’t wish to share too many in depth details and personal memories, but as the session continues it becomes clear that Mistress Adore has studied my emails, extracted any clear details I had provided and interpreted other information superbly. My emails spoke of contradictions that I wished to explore; feeling free when secured, feeling safe when vulnerable, being listened to when gagged, feeling warmth through sadistic care – and lets not forget – pleasure through pain. All were explored with utmost professionalism, when things didn’t quite go to plan, Mistress Adore did not get fazed, she merely adjusted her route without missing a beat. Activities were chosen and introduced in such a way that sent my senses wild, they were confused, aroused, shocked and uplifted to the point that I only felt the true effect of them days afterwards upon quiet reflection.

Needless to say I am hoping to continue my training with Mistress Adore in the near future. Such is the confidence she instils I am compelled to say that Mistress Adore has not only introduced activities and senses that I had not considered, but has also alluded to others that I had dismissed previously and am now considering, and strangely looking forward to. On the day of my session the dungeon was a little chilly but the day itself was fairly cold – please don’t let this put you off, Mistress Adores personality, skills and humour more than make up for it! Mistress Adore has kindly suggested that if I’m cold next time that I could always get some heat from her….. via the medium of the cane I bet!

All in all, I know I’m on a path that excites me. I would highly recommend a visit to Mistress Adore if you’re looking to expand your mind… Tell her everything… she will interpret it, embellish it and deliver more than you could have imagined!!

Thank you very much Tman for a very enjoyable reminder of our session 🙂