Newcastle Mistress Adore


From the very first contact you make with Me I will expect you to show respect. You will receive it from Me. Remember to phrase all your requirements respectfully, crudeness will not be tolerated. You will not get a second chance.

When our relationship is in its early stages I expect you to be completley honest and open to Me. Remember the more open and honest you are with Me the better your session will be.

I will accept NO calls from withheld numbers…NO EXCEPTIONS.

I will not reply to any texts sent…NO EXCEPTIONS.

Emails must be detailed but I will not be drawn into long email exchanges with you until i have agreed to see you.

If you are granted an appointment with Me I will expect a confirmation phone call two hours before your session is due to begin. No phone call… No booking… NO EXCEPTIONS.

If for some reason you are delayed for your appointment I MUST be contacted. I always try to allow for problems but be warned this may cut into your time.


If you have previously booked and not turned up for an appointment with Me your number will be stored on MY blocked list. Same will happen if you text Me, call me at unsociable hours or are rude or abusive.

I will never answer my phone to you again NO MATTER HOW OFTEN YOU CALL.

PERSONAL HYGIENE…You will always turn up clean and well presented.  If you turn up smelly (stinking of smoke/ dirt etc.) I SHALL send you away. If you do not show ME the respect of being clean and fresh smelling when you come to see ME then I will not enjoy seeing you SO I SHALL NOT!

EMOTIONAL MINDSET… You will not come to visit Me if you are not in an emotionally strong frame of mind.

PHYSICAL HEALTH…You must inform Me of any medical problems you have, any medication you are taking and any allergies you have ..BEFORE YOUR SESSION WITH ME.

MAY I TELL YOU WHAT TO WEAR ?…Not if you value your balls, I decide what I wear NOBODY ELSE !