About Mistress

Newcastle Mistress Adore

Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting My website.

I hope you will find this site easy to use, honest, and informative. Once you have read through it, you should have a better idea of Me and My style of domination and alternative lifestyle coaching and exploration.

About Me.

The first thing i must say, is i do not offer any personal sexual services. Domination, alternative lifestyle exploration and escort services are very different, if it is the latter you are looking for I am not the person to contact, My clothes stay on at all times 😉

I am based just outside of Newcastle.  I love the diversity of this lifestyle, the openness, the ability to just be oneself without judgement. If I am able to share this gift, then I am always very pleased to do so. I have a varied tapestry of life experiences and there is very little  you could  wish to discuss with me, that would surprise me.

I am happy to see either the first timer, or the more experienced, male, female or couples. You may be nervous, excited, embarrassed or just unsure; don`t be!  Be honest with Me, tell Me everything and trust in Me. I will not judge you, laugh at you or look down on you. Your submission is your strength, having the strength to open yourself up with honesty is something to be proud of. We all have our own unique qualities and needs; what are yours, I want to know! The day we stop learning is the day we stop growing !

Submission :

I am passionate about what I do, and I gain great pleasure and satisfaction from it. If I did not enjoy it then I would not do it, and that is very important for you to understand. You will not tell Me what to do, I will not tick-off a checklist. I will listen to your hopes and needs, and I will match these with My own needs, and together we can grow. I require absolute subservience from My subs; you will place yourself under My control. I will not “fight” with you or “make” you submit; you will accept My dominance and be grateful for it. Money is no substitute for a genuine Domme-sub connection, and because of this I am very selective with those I decide to see.
In short you will get out what you put in and you can know I will put in 100% at all times.

I can be relaxed, humorous, very intense, or all of these. I take what I do very seriously. My enjoyment is evident while in session for you to witness, and I expect yours to be. I can be good fun, or sadistic, evil, and wicked. And happy to be so !!! That’s my gift, a talent that has been perfected during a lifetime of experiences, each one carving a new piece into My soul and personality, all turning me into the person and Mistress I am today.

Alternative lifestyle coaching :

Do not be afraid to talk to me, to open yourself up and allow me to help you  understand, accept or enjoy your fetishes, be they cross dressing, role play enjoyment, medical scene enjoyment and so much more.I am often told by those who come to see me that i am so easy to talk to, as if they have known me for so much longer, this is because i have a genuine interest in the person in front of me. My naturally inquisitive nature means i am able to ask the questions that will allow you to open up to me.

Read the rest of My website. Be honest with yourself and be prepared to tell Me everything. Contact Me, politely and with respect, and I will decide whether to allow you to enter My world. As I`ve mentioned above, I am very selective, but maybe a door will open, and perhaps we will journey together.