A hard session

Thank you for a wonderful day on Tuesday, here is my write up.

Mistress Sweetness (my wife) told me on the Monday that I would be having a session with you on Tuesday but did not give me a time. On the Tuesday morning she told me that I was to pick you up at 10.30am.  This was good for me because it gave me enough time to get everything ready. I planned to get the house right and then go to the shops to get the customary cakes, chocolates and flowers before picking you up.

As I was leaving the house in plenty of time to do all this Mistress S called me back in. She told me that I was to put on the lovely dress that you bought me then to go out wearing it under my jumper and trousers so that the pink collar was clearly on show. This caused me quite a lot of panic and concern because a) I had to go shopping and b) the extra time taken to get changed could make me late. I was going to local shops where people might know me and the thought of being seen like this was mortifying. Also I hate being late for anything but especially for you.

I went shopping and went round as quick as I could but couldn’t find any Savlon and took a few minutes looking. I ended up buying some Sudacreme instead. Then more time taken up, because I was caught in roadworks. To make matters worse I then had to join a line of cars crawling along behind a Learner driver for about four miles. When I finally managed to overtake the Learner I was then trapped behind more extra slow drivers for the last mile. The result of all this was that I was one minute late picking you up. I was devastated!! Got to you one minute late.

Normally we have a nice chat in car but this time you were castigating me for being late and dismissing all my reasons as excuses. You were setting the tone for the day. I knew that whatever I said you would find a way of using it against me. I knew I could never win.

When we got back to my house you greeted Miss S warmly. I brought in shopping and was sorting it out when you called me back into the lounge. You told me to take off my jumper and trousers so that I was just wearing my beautiful pink dress then made to stand in front of you both whilst you interrogated me.

I was made to go through point by point what had made me late. I was ripped to shreds for every pathetic excuse. Then you got sick of my excuses, cheek and attitude. You told me to fetch a cane and bring it to you.

You berated me for a while whilst playing with, and swishing, the cane menacingly through the air, and pointing it at me when making a point. Then you got fed up with my attitude and cheek, told me to bend over the sofa and caned me.

Then you told me to make coffee. Naturally found fault with it. You kindly allowed me to have one and whilst sitting drinking you both talked about what you were going to do to me. Having to sit and watch my Mistresses playing with a cane and discussing how they were going to punish me is highly exciting for me but also so frightening. I know what you, and now Miss S too, can do and I had every right to be scared, You Said that I would get the hardest caning that you have ever given me. You both laughed and and discussed how best to make me cry and squeal. You asked what was longest time I had taken to heal after a caning from you. I said that I thought it was about 5 days. You asked when that was and I answered that it was after the 1000 stroke caning. You laughed and said it would be good to do it again, but 2000 strokes this time, 1000 from each of you. This caused me to panic even more. I never know what you are going to do, whether you are getting inside my head and winding me up, or whether you will do what you say you will do. I know you are more than happy to follow through on these actions but It is a question of whether you will choose to or not. You kept telling me how I would receive the most severe caning you have ever given me and kept winding me up, getting right inside my head. Would you decide to really a 2000 stroke caning? I knew you could and would if you were in the mood for it. I also knew however that if I was to receive the most severe caning that I have ever had from you I would not survive anything like 2000 strokes. I kept wondering how this session was going to go and started to doubt that I would be able to take what you were going to give me. This really isn’t the best mindset to have a the start of a session. Normally I am determined that I will give a good account of myself and take what you give, but you had got inside my head, and I felt nervous and unsure …. and worried!!

Then you sent me into Torture Room and told me too prepare for my first proper caning of this session.  Then, a few minutes later, you both came in find me bent over the sofa, ready.

Miss S picked up a cane first, had some practice strokes through the air to let me know what was to come, then hit me hard with a batch of 10. You approved of the hard caning she had just given me and then laid on another 10 with another cane, at least as hard and probably harder.

Then you asked if the video was recording and I had to say that I hadn’t switched it on. You weren’t well pleased and listed this as another of my failures. You made me switch it on and said that you would both had to cane me again.

Miss S was first. She started by telling me off, tapping her cane against her hand as she said: “Now! Not only were you late picking your Mistress up this morning but since then you’ve made every excuse and then you’ve also been sarcastic and cheeky. This doesn’t bode well does it?

Then she started caning as she continued to berate me, and she certainly laid it on hard. I complained how much it hurt. You just bent down and whispered in my ear that what I was getting now was only a tickle compared to what I would be getting later, and told me to think about what I would be getting later in the session

Miss S then gave 10 very hard strokes. She has learned well under your guidance and now hits much harder than she used to. I was breathing hard as I tried to cope with this rapidly increasing level of pain.

Then you selected one of the red handled dragon canes and slices it through the air a few times making a wonderful but really frightening (for me) sound. As you started I said that I had been worried about whether I would be able to take it. You Laid on 10 really hard then said “and what do you think about it now?” laughing at me. You then gave me batch of 20 really hard strokes and then said “So you thought you couldn’t take it” and followed up with 30 more really hard strokes delivered in one rapid batch to ram the point home that I could and would take it. You then decided that was enough for the first caning probably because I was right on the edge of what I could take.

We went back into the lounge and I was told to make more coffee. You told me to bring cake and chocolates in as I would need the sugar for energy to survive what was still to come. You were really inside my head and I felt that my outlook for the rest of this session was bleak.

Then we went back into the TR for a longer, even harder session. As I was bent over the sofa you leaned down so that you were right up to my face and told me to take the scowl off my face. I said I wasn’t scowling and that the look on my face was because I was scared. You said that if I was scared I wouldn’t be so cheeky and that I knew exactly what I was doing but you and Miss S would soon change my attitude. You said “You have that sad look on your face now but it won’t work, you know what you are doing and will be suitably punished for it.” You then teased me saying “It’s not my Fault. I didn’t do it. It wasn’t me” in a pathetic whiney voice.

Miss S then picked up the riding crop, and practice strokes through air while you were still telling me off. Again I thought that it was a delicious but terrifying sound knowing that any second it will be biting into my already very sore bottom. She laid it on hard whilst you were still mocking me and telling me how I was really going to get the punishment that my attitude was asking for and that I deserved.

After about a dozen strokes I complained and said one stroke was very high. You both laughed, checked my bottom, and told me that it hadn’t been high. From the video I could see you both laughing and clearly it was a very high one.

Miss S then carried on at the same very severe level and gave me 20 more with the crop. That riding crop really stings and makes one hell of a noise on impact. She then selected the red handled dragon cane and continued in the same vein. You said “I can’t remember how many you’ve had “. I think it was about 20”. I said I thought it was more than that and you said “Well you should have been counting shouldn’t you?” Miss S gave me another 10 and I was writhing in agony. I said how much it hurt and your only comment was “Obviously”,

You checked with me how many now and I said about 30.

Miss S then feigned to hit me and stopped. You both burst out laughing as I flinched expecting a stroke that never came. She gave me another 10 and I was making a lot of noise, writhing around, and struggling big time. When some strokes landed I was jumping around vigorously and you were both laughing at my antics as I seriously worried whether I could take any more. I have never felt so close to using a safeword but something inside has always said I will never do that and I was determined that this was still the case.

You were standing at my head and asked Miss S what my bottom was looking like, she said it looked lovely, a beautiful red canvas that covered all of bottom from top to bottom. Miss S then gave me about 10 more and I was right on the edge again.

You asked how many was that now? I said “60”. You said it wasn’t . I said 50 then. You said “Oh so you did know you were just trying it on”. I proclaimed my innocence saying I thought you were doing batches of 10. You said it was 48 actually then shouted “Get back down ….. NOW!!!.  And I meekly complied. As you said “Nice Try”. Miss S gave me a final 2 very hard strokes.

You then picked the red handled dragon and swished it the air menacingly a few times so I knew what would be coming and how painful it would be. You said “That is why counting is so important”, You then commenced the hardest strokes I think I have ever taken. You were really intent on taking me further today than I have ever been before. You had warned me that you were in the mood to do this and I didn’t help myself with constant excuses, cheek, backchat and sarcastic comments. You was going to make this session and this caning in particular, one that I would never forget.

Every stroke was measured. The cane was raised high in the air and brought down with maximun force. I was in agony. Each stroke caused incredible pain. My bottom had already had taken a lot of severe caning. It was very red all over, very bruised, raw in many places, and bleeding. Each stroke burned further agony adding to the fire in my  bottom. The impact of each full force cane stroke on raw flesh and bruised muscle was indescribable. The intensity was at what I felt was an unbearable level. I was writhing around with every stroke and making loud grunting noises. I know that you really wanted to make me cry. This is something that I have wanted too. But I don’t know if this will ever happen. There is part of me which fights every stroke with an aggression and survival instinct which seems to allow me to just tolerate each stroke prepare and fight to survive the next stroke. That’s all I can focus on, absorbing the pain of each stroke and gritting my teeth to take the next one. There is always a feeling of “I can’t take any more. I have to stop” but the survival instinct and determination to take more has always, up to now, been the stronger. Maybe it is pride, or sheer bloody mindedness, I don’t know, but there is a strong part of me that says I can’t give in. Obviously there could come a point when I have to, but you are so professional you constantly monitor me and I know that although you will take me right to the finite limits of my true endurance levels, you will not go beyond that. There is always a difference between what I feel I can take and what I really can take. You push me from my perceived limit to my real limit. This is where the buzz really kicks in for me when you take me beyond what I feel I can take. This is further enhanced when she shouts at me and forces me to take more, beyond what I feel is my limit.

You gave me 20, moving your position after 10 strokes to target another area of my bottom. I was in real agony. You recognised how close I was to not being able to take any more so you changed from slow deliberate strokes to a flurry of very fast continuous strokes. You delivered 30 strokes very quickly which had me moving all over the place, but they were over very quickly before my body had time to process the pain I was in.

You stopped saying “well that was a good workout”. From the video I could see that it was. Your face was glowing and you were a little out of breath.

 You came round the sofa that I was bent over and looked me right in the face.

 “How many was that”.

“A hundred” I said.

 “Are you sure?”

“ Yes.”

“Shall I do some more?”

“No please that was 100.”

“I think I’ll do some more. Now bend Over!”  I did whilst making a lot of pathetic whimpering noises in protest. You started slowly and lightly repeatedly hitting the same spot. You built up the pace steadily until I was getting much more rapid strokes. You gave me 90 like this then the last 10 were back to the slow, measured strokes designed to deliver maximum pain.

You then stopped, sighed a very satisfying long sigh, then said “Now what you do is get yourself up, breathe in deeply and compose yourself.

You turned to Miss S and said “Would you like to do some more?”

“Oh Yes that would be lovely!

My only reaction was  “What!!!!”

I buried my head in my hands. You said “You see you were cheeky this morning . You thought you were clever.” I said “I have had it all knocked out of me now.”

You repeated “You thought you were clever. “ Miss S was doing practice strokes while this was going on so I could hear what would soon be beating my bottom. “Oh goodness gracious me, does this sting a bit?”

“This is hard.” I replied.  You leaned over and whispered in my ear “and it’s only going to get harder” I felt like a broken man. All challenge had been knocked out of me.

“Well we told you that it would be very severe and you would be getting the punishment that your cheek deserves. Now bend over.” I did so, feeling like I would never survive another caning. I waited.  Nothing happened. You were winding me up. You said “ok you can get up now and clean things up in here”

Was that the end? I didn’t know but I was so grateful for some respite from the incessant assault on my bottom.

Then we went back into lounge and you told me to take some chocolate for energy. I made coffee all round and brought in chocolate and cakes and gratefully took in some much needed drink and sugar. I brought in a mug for me which had “His Lordship” written on the side. You spotted this and laughed. “I don’t think so. Go and pour your coffee into another cup.”  Despite the agony I was in I had still made a minor protest and you had spotted it and put it down. I had to smile.

Then you both then decided I should do individual tasks that you were both going to mark out of ten.

I didn’t do a very good job and you weren’t impressed. I took a long time over them and they were still rubbish. You got sick of me making excuses then I made the fatal mistake of being sarcastic and making some smart comments. I was ordered back into the TR for what turned out to be a pure punishment caning.

You were in the mood to really make me pay for this. I could see it in your body language and the tone of your voice. You ordered me to bend over the sofa and picked up the red handled dragon cane. You gave me a searing stroke right across the centre of my bottom and said “Now tell me why are you getting these?”

“Because you think I’ve got an attitude”

You laid another one on just as hard. These were all full force strokes. “No tell the truth. Why are you getting these now?”

“I don’t know. Is it because I was cheeky.”

Another searing stroke which made me scream out in anguish.

“Why are you getting them?”

“Because I’ve got a bad attitude.”

“At last! Thank you”

You then gave me the hardest caning I have ever received from you.  After 17 I moved out of position. Something I hate doing and strive very hard not to, but I couldn’t help myself. The pain was just so intense. “GET OVER!! AND SHUT UP”

You continued at the same level. Every stroke full force on a seriously damaged bottom. You gave me 50 in total. When you had finished you were completely out of breath and had obviously put a lot into this caning.

We went back into lounge again and you told to have another go at my tasks. . I was given a deadline and told that I would be caned one stroke for every second I went over the deadline. I was over a minute and a half late and you decided this meant 100 strokes,

 Miss S gave me five out of ten and you gave me seven out of ten. You compromised and gave me six out of ten. You then said I had had about 400 and decided to finalise on 600 strokes which meant another 100 from each of you.

You informed me that this final caning would be would be very severe and to be prepare myself properly. You told me that I would not be allowed to move or make a noise, that there would be no mercy, no safeword, and to take every stroke. I found this so exciting, this was a true formal punishment and after some very severe canings. It is what I have always craved but when it becomes reality that is another matter. I knew I would be in extreme agony, facing a massive struggle and it would be almost unbearable.

We then went back into the TR.

“Now you remember the instructions don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Then prepare yourself!”

Miss S selected a very thin whippy cane,

and you  said “ooh yes, That’s a bit different”. I think you both know how much I hate thin whippy canes. She gave me 10 hard and very painful strokes.

You kindly reminded me, as if I needed it, “Only 190 to go!”  And started laughing.

I asked “Is that that thin whippy cane?”

Miss S leaned down and whispered in my ear “Yes because I know how much you hate it.”

And you added “… and you know how much we love it” which again you both found very amusing. I was then given 20 more in rapid strokes from Miss S with the same cane. This was really hard to take. I was gulping in huge breaths of air as I tried to absorb the pain.

You remarked “30 down 170 to go” I thought “Thank you for that Mistress” :-

Miss S then selected the red handled dragon cane and did some practice strokes. We all just listened to the wonderful sound it having a different effect on each of us. She gave me another 10 hard strokes. I was breathing very heavily and you told me to breathe quietly.

Miss S asked “how many was that?”

I replied “we’re down to 160”.

You agreed “yes 160 to go”

She then continued with slow batches to 50 then you said “I’ll do 50 shall I?”

You gave me 50 in one go with no stopping. Absolute agony. I am so grateful that you allow me to video these sessions because they help me to do the write up, they are a permanent of wonderful sessions that I can look back on again and again, and they allow me to see what you and Miss S are doing and how you are reacting. I couldn’t believe how hard and severe these canings were. I can hardly believe what I am seeing before my eyes. It is so difficult to actually describe the whole scenario – the theatre, the role play, the intensity of feelings and of pain to do it justice.

I was focusing totally on getting through this now. You told me that there were 100 strokes to go, 50 from each of you. I tried to galvanise my mindset and prepare for what was still to come.

Miss S selected a thick cane and did 4 or 5 practice strokes through the air which I found very intimidating.  You said “Oh I like the sound of that thick cane” and Miss S said “ it pays to vary it”.

I got 20 delivered quickly and very painful.

You then said to her “Oh enjoy! This last 30 that you have to do. Savour every one. When you have finished you will want to start again.” Miss S replied “Indeed!”

You told me to breathe quietly and Miss S stated “30 to go. 30 short seconds or 30 long seconds? Like when you are waiting for someone”

You both laughed and you said “Yes Sarcasm at it’s best, like someone else who tries to use it.” You both found this really funny.

Miss S gave me 20 hard and fairly fast strokes and there was great noise and movement from me as I struggled massively to cope. “Only 10 left.” And she gave me the final 10 and made them count.

My spirits rose because I had endured it and now just …. And that’s a huge “just” ……had the final 50 to take from you.

You said to Miss S “Can I have that cane I do like using this one.” Then to me “Right get back over you’ve got 50 left.” This was said in a very dominant and authoritative way which left me in no doubt that I still had a massive trial to endure

You gave me 20 slow deliberate full force strokes – absolute agony. Then 20 fast strokes to vary it a bit and help me cope. I will never know how I got through this. I summoned up every bit of strength, commitment and determination to survive to the end. Somehow I managed it and just had 10 left to face.

The final 10 were given in a slow and deliberate fashion and you really made sure I would not forget this in a hurry. With every stroke I counted down from 10 to 1 and as the end got nearer my heart and spirit lifted. The feeling was getting stronger with every stroke taken that I would get through this.

Straining every sinew in my body I put my head down, gritted my teeth, and willed myself through it. It was sheer willpower that got me through. Suddenly we got to 100 and it was finished. I jumped up punching the air absolutely elated that I had got through it.

 You both laughed and congratulated me on doing so well. I have to say I was feeling a great pride that I had endured such an ordeal.

We then started to clean up. You kindly made me go and shower and as always you both did most of the cleaning up, I just had to clean myself up. I am always so grateful for this and it is another example of your down to earth approach to life and your caring and giving nature.

I came down and we all had more coffee and sat and chatted. I was on a complete high.  You told me that you would do it and you pushed my boundaries further than ever before. You knew how good I would feel when I achieved this and helped me through it.

It is wonderful to be able to watch the videos of these sessions. From watching these I noticed how much my wife has come on, and how she now does many of the things you do. She is hitting much harder and more accurately now. She pulls the same face as she delivers hard strokes, the one that really means business!! She likes to feign strokes and pull the cane up short just like you do, and you both laugh when I flinch. She now does some batches in a very quick flurry of strokes again just like you do. The real bummer is that she has learnt (from you) to sometimes just concentrate on hitting the same spot again and again, starting slowly and building up pace and strength. Thank you so much for teaching her all this 😊 😊 😊

You constantly monitored me to keep me safe. You took me to emotional heights beyond anything I have experienced before. Every session you cater for all my needs, desires and fantasies. You always make it special for me and I will always be grateful to you for this.

I drove you home and still on a high and thinking how lucky I was to have such an amazing Mistress and friend.

Thank you.

A hard session