Micro Management

Over my many years of playing I have been asked quite a few times for online domination. I usually refuse as, if you know anything about me, it is the connection that makes My sessions what they are. I do not connect with people I do not know or have not met, also the past few years I have not had the time to spend online.

Yet still I am asked.

So with a little more time to spend, I am have decided to trial run for only 3 people, a month of so much online domination, more like micro management. We will be communicating daily.

I want to get inside your head, to know the finer details of your submission and each day have contact with you, the amount of contact will be depending on the option we decide will be best suited to you.

Option Interesting: will be one email each per day exchanged. There may be some tasks included. This option will be £45.

Option Submitting: will be 2 emails exchanged per day, tasks will be given and one 15 minute phone call. This option will be £85.

Option Worshiping: will be emails between us, tasks given and 4 15 minute phone calls and this option will be £150.

Option Personalised: will be discussed between us.

So If you would like to be considered for one of the three places (and yes there will ONLY be three places) and know in future blogs throughout your month I am talking about you then get in touch and let us see if we can create something special, fun and entertaining for us both.

Micro Management