Why YOU are good enough.

I often have wide and varied chats with those I enjoy spending time with, I always encourage open and honest communication and will always answer any question honestly to the best of My ability.

Andrea has on occassion mentioned the photos I have and sometimes love on fetlife. I have explained many of the less extreme pics do not show up as well, cross dressing could cause privacy images and mind play you can not see in a photograph.

I also explained that I know many submissive’ s have been put off contacting me because they fear their style of play would be boring for me, never the case of course, but some will hold onto their views no matter what.

Well Andrea took the time to think about our converstaions and has sent me this, with permission to post, some reasons WHY YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH to come and see me.

Thank you Andrea 😉


Choosing to see a new mistress to fulfill a fantasy you have, can be a daunting task even for those who have been to other mistresses in the past.

You can look at her website or forums such as Fetlife.

Her website is specific to her & gives you an idea of what type of fetishes she does & the ones she doesnt do.

If she is on Fetlife then you can get a different view of her likes & dislikes by looking at her pictures,writings & the friends she has.

A quick look on Fetlife can also give you a snapshot of what she is doing at that particular time with her other subs. It can also however give a false impression of the full range of fetishes that she does.

You may see lots of things she does that you either don’t like or understand & possibly wonder what use your fetish is compared to those that you see.

The images you tend to remember are the ones with the most shock value & might be a long way away from the fetish you would like to act out with the mistress.

These images stay in your mind & you start to wonder why if she can do such things to other subs would she interested in my fetish which is totally unlike anything in those pictures.

Only certain fetishes show up well in pictures, the physical type such as CP & needle play.

The more mental type of fetish such as mind games are impossible to photograph or fetishes such as crossdressing give her the problem of protecting the privacy of the sub.

I have in the past sometimes been concerned by the images my Mistress has liked on fetlife & wondered to myself am I good enough for her as those images are not the type of fetish I am into.

I have expressed my doubts to her & she has reassured me that I am always just as important to her as those that feature more prominently on fetlife.

She has as much fun with me as she does with all her other subs, it’s the connection between the two parties that makes the sessions special & not just the fetish.

She enjoys the human interaction between mistress & sub encouraging dialogue & laughter no matter what type of fetish that is being acted out.

She is the most experienced Mistress in the area because she has gradually learnt the art of female domination. If she is not sure about a fetish she will do plenty of research before she tries it out on a consenting sub.

She will take her time to get to know your likes & dislikes before you even see her & then plan her session based on your answers. Every 1st session she does with a new sub, even if they are experienced from previous mistress she takes it gently because she doesnt fully know how you will react to her actions.

If she went beyond what a sub could take or had agreed to take in any session then word would soon spread & she would get a bad name & no new subs would come & see her.

The reason she has lasted so long on the scene is that she is true to her word
She has a reputation to keep, so she won’t do things that are totally against what your fetish is or what you had previously agreed to do.

Before my 1st session with her I told her of my previous fetishes with other mistresses, she didn’t do many of the ones I had done but it gave her an insight to what made the fetish part of my mind tick.

The most powerful memory of my 1st session was some close eye to eye contact which got her right inside my head & under her spell. The look she gave me & the feeling I got from it are impossible to show in photos but are more important to me than any pictures that are on fetlife.

The memory of your session & the images that remain in your mind are more important than those that appear on fetlife.

Fetlife is only a small part of the whole fetish scene & just because it may not be for you, it doesnt mean you are not as important to a mistress as those that are always on fetlife.

The enjoyment you get & the pleasure you give the mistress during the session is better than a photo.

A mistress who has a broad & varied selection of subs with different fetishes is really lucky, the more diverse the range of subs fetishes can help a mistress because she could get bored by the same sessions day after day.

My Mistress has taken the time to nurture each of her subs & their fetishes so both parties gain enjoyment from each session.

She likes to be selective in the choice of her subs, this is so she can give each one her full attention, before, during & after each session.

The expertise she has learnt over the years she now uses to teach other mistresses the art of femdom, which benefits the mistress being taught & her future subs.

Just because your fetish isn’t like the ones you see on fetlife or the internet doesn’t mean to say its not as exciting to a mistress as those that are.

Is a picture of another subs fetish more important than satisfying your fetish, no it isn’t.

Think of all the times you’ve wanted your fetish fulfilled & now you can have the opportunity to fulfill it with her.

The pictures on the internet are somebody else’s fetish & not yours so they may have a different type of connection & will certainly have a different level of trust than someone starting out with a new mistress.

She will push your limits but like any self respecting mistress will not go beyond what your limits are.

She will only test your limits once she has got to know you , how you react to her actions on you & this gives her an indication of where she can take you in the future.

Remember you are the one she wants to see, she can learn from your fetish which in turn can help other subs as she will be able to use what she has learnt from your fetish to help them.

If you have thought about contacting myself for a session, maybe reading this will help you take the first step.

😉 MA x

Why YOU are good enough.