New and continuing journeys

Hi all, i hope you are well.

I have been so busy January has just flew by and with what i have booked for the next few weeks it will be March before i know it.

I have had some great play times, with my lovely loyal gents and some new ones. I do not see many new gents, and it has been fun playing with new gents again.

Though of course my loyal gents never let me down, be them rolling around with electrics on (have i mentioned i am getting an obsessive collection of electro toys and boxes now) or getting deep inside their mind, having them think of me at random times, using my sluts as they should be used, or simply chatting and keeping in contact with them,

In Geneva last weekend another electro box and some new electro cock and ball toys and rings *grins* huge fun indeed, i am loving my electrics and can not believe i took so long to play with other types apart from my violet wands, still better late than never and i am making up for lost time.

Ok my internet has started to play up, possibly the rain soi am going to stop here and hope you are all well but will post more soon 🙂

Stay safe and happy x

New and continuing journeys