January, a month for fun

Each month i am going to focus on one style of play, as well as going back to basics :-), and revisiting some play i may not have had the chance to do for a while.

January is tie, tease and torment month, as well as Myself, my lovely sexy funny Mistress friend is going to join in sometimes for double the fun.

Over the years my play has become more intense, more edgier of course with experience comes confidence and the lovely gents
who come to see me are with me because i am able to take them to limits they have not been before and this is fantastic and makes me very happy, but it can make some new people a little scared to contact me, they feel they will not be interesting enough for me.

What they do not understand is, it is the person i enjoy playing with, not the one style  of play. If i can connect and share a moment with another then the type of play is not as important as the connection.

So if you are new, if you want to take that first step, you want to have your first experiences or maybe expand the little you have tried, let me know, maybe we can have some fun indeed.

January, a month for fun